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Rubén Grau was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. Between 1984 and 1988 he lived in Brazil , where he carried out anthropological research, exhibitions and ecological actions.Back in Buenos Aires, he founds the group “>Confluencia” ( 1988-1992), together with Juan Le Parc, Teresa Volco and Juan Carlos Romero, among others. They carry out performances, symbolic and ecological actions, among them Land Art “ Encounter at the top of two worlds: Aconcagua- Mont Blanc” , Centro Cultural Recoleta (Recoleta Cultural Centre), Buenos Aires, and Espace Kronenbourg, Paris. – Project Aconcagua Land Art. Ascension and multiple actions, Museum of Modern Art, Mendoza, Argentina. – Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires – Espacio Latinoamericano de París, etc.Between 1989 and 1993 he takes active part in the group Escombros (Artistas de lo que queda / Artists of what remains) . XI Jornadas Internacionales de la Crítica: Participative installation “Astrolabio” (Astrolabe) , CAYC and República Federal de Alemania, ( Federal Republic of Germany) , British Council. performance Gold aplle with >Blanca Rizzo – “Recuperar” (Recover) Avellaneda Factory. – “La ciudad del Arte”(The City of Art) ,La Plata, Argentina, etc.Since 1994 he participates, among others, in the following exhibitions:--- XIII Jornadas Internacionales de laCrítica. Installation “Sin pan y sin trabajo” (Without bread and without a job) CAYC, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Recoleta Cultural Centre)-CAYC-KLEMM Award- Centro Cultural Recoleta (Recoleta Cultural Centre) , Buenos AiresFIAL ‘94 Latin-American Art Fair, Belgium,“Southern”, SEUL Gallery, Brussels, BelgiumArte Primitivo Gallery, Turin, ItalyV Chandon Biennial, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts), Buenos AiresInstallation “>Macbeth porteño” Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York AEIUO. Installation “Tantalia”, on works by >Macedonio Fernández, Cronopios Room, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Recoleta Cultural Centre)- Austria Award, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, (National Museum of Fine Arts), Buenos AiresFestival Internacional de Arte de Medellín (Medellín International Art Festival) , Colombia. Representing Argentina together with Marta Minujin,Luis Benedit ,Carlos Gallardo. Installation “Where?” and “The River’s Memory” Ecologic-participative installation with 300 students from primary schools.Costantini Award, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, (National Museum of Fine Arts), Buenos Aires“Espacios de la Inocencia” (Spaces of innocence) , >Roberto Elia , Ruben Grau,Pelissier,Faunes. Recoleta Cultural Centre“El Nácar ve” (Mother-of-pearl sees) ( a retrospective of works 1997 – 2002) , Centro Cultural Borges (Borges Cultural Centre) ,Buenos Aires. Poetics of the silence ,Roberto Elia – Rubén Grau , IILA Palazzo Santa Croce Roma curator >Irma Arestizabal
Critical reviews, publications:Irma Arestizabal .( member of international Critics Association), IILA Curator Poetry of the silence, catalogue ¨Prosa del observatorio¨Osvaldo Svanascini (member of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires) RúbenGrau , catalogue ¨Prosa del observatorio¨ “El Nácar ve” (Mother-of-pearl sees) by Jorge Taverna Irigoyen (member of the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes / National Academy of Fine Arts) , Magenta art magazine“Historia Crítica del Arte Argentino” (Critical History of Argentine Art, Installations) by Jorge Glusberg, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.“Grau represents Argentina”, by Jorge Glusberg, Ambito Financiero newspaper, Buenos Aires.“Arte Actual”, Dictionary of tendences and concepts in contemporary art.Leonel Estrada (President of Asociación de Críticos de Colombia/ Critics Association of Colombia), “Conceptualismo caliente” (>Hot Conceptualism)definido en 1997 por Rubén Grau como tendencia en el arte Latinoamericano (ps.94-95), Jorge Glusberg, International Art Festival of Colombia catalogue ¿Where?Horacio Safons, president of Asociación Argentina de Críticos (international and Argentine Critics Association), catalogue, work exhibited at Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires >Horacio Safons, Painting, discourses and genre, Astica, Grau, Garnica, Pellissier,Revista Casandra,ilustración sobre poema Erotikós de Julio Llinás, Fabian Lebenglik, (Página 12 newspaper, Buenos Aires) . Aldo Galli (La Nación newspaper, Buenos Aires)Rosa Faccaro about the Grupo Confluencia (Clarin newspaper, Buenos Aires)>Osvaldo Svanascini (member of the National Academy of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires)ABC Dictionary of Argentine Art - Archivo Obra Piero Manzoni onlus

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